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The Biggest Windows Washing Mistakes

The spring is coming, the weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining through the spotty windows you washed yesterday. The idyll is ruined. What’s wrong then?

Detergents on Dusty Windows

There is nothing more pointless than spraying a cleaning product on the windows before you have removed the dust. window-1202902_960_720The result of this meaningless activity are even dirtier windows that you need now hours to perfect.

Washing Windows on Gloomy Day

Everything seemed just perfect before you the sun came out and you noticed that actually you haven’t done good work and the windows are still as dirty. If, however, you wash them when there are no clouds, you will make them shine perfectly.

What You Need at Your Nightstand and How to Arrange it

The night tables are one of the messiest places at home. They keep secrets, they tell secrets and they themselves are a mystery. From a bottle of water through an uneaten snack, photos, diaries, magazines, glasses, and another pair of glasses, night time skin routine products, make up removal, phones, boxes, lamps, paper, pens and whatever else you could think of, could be no doubt found on the night table.night-table-lamp-843461_960_720 But which of these are indeed necessary? Which make it look messy and which fancy and what is appropriate to keep there? The convenience is first, of course, but we like our homes too much not to care for their looks.

A few things are indeed the essentials. If you don’t have some special lights, you undoubtedly need a night lamp there so that in the room could be kind of dark, but not too much. Secondly, you will most probably need water, but the glass always looks more sophisticated than a plastic bottle. So when you are about to go to bed, just grab a glass full of water and leave it there. Continuing with the essentials, one cannot skip the books. Everybody likes them, or at least has to, and they are just adorable. What is even greater is the fact that they look really sassy and if you arrange them nicely and appropriately they will bring a nice spirit to the entire room. The most common things found on every night table are the gadgets. And to be honest, their place is indeed not there. Better leave them in another room or at least not that close to you, while you are in the bed. Neither it is healthy for you, nor it is nice to start and end your day with Facebook.